Use state-of-the-art equipment to assess your air quality.

Providing Cost-Effective Sampling Services


Removing Air Contaminants in Processing Facilities

An environmental monitoring program is essential for any production facility. You need to control particulate and microbial levels in your processing environment. Scientific Air Solutions provides a low-cost, rapidly implemented solution. Find out more.

Sample Air Using a Single Instrument

Part of the low cost is achieved using the MB2 MicroBio Air Sampler, a self-contained, programmable, battery-operated portable unit. It uses inexpensive and readily available 55mm contact plate or 90mm petri dish to sample the air. Ten-meter grids are established and sampling reference points are determined using a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. The GPS information enables more accurate sampling for follow-up study.

Map the Data

We can use the data from your plant to quickly generate spatial maps like those at right to illustrate the exact levels of contamination, especially hotspots, in your facility.

Air sampling at various locations within a facility can be performed effectively using an aerosol manifold. The most economical approach is multiplexing sample air from a number of sample locations at timed intervals using a single sampling instrument.

The maps at right illustrate actual results after Scientific Air Solutions' air filtration systems were implemented.


Quickly Analyze the Results

Once the contact plate or petri dishes are cultivated, use the MicroBio PC Reporter software to tabulate the results and generate spreadsheets containing the data.


Case Studies

Learn how one high-volume Central Valley food processor reduced their CFU levels so that all airborne food pathogens were removed.