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Food Safety & Process Technology Group, Inc. (FSMGINC) is a company of dedicated professionals committed to delivering best value consulting products and services to our clients based on technical knowledge, experience, innovative solutions and excellence. Our teams are custom built to bring together the skills and expertise needed to solve your issues. Each team is led by a Ph.D., MBA, Certified Food Scientist, Process Authority, Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), and/or certified trainer that possess expert level knowledge backed by over 100 years of combined practical experience. We offer you our expertise in the many areas of Food Processing, Food Safety, Food Security, and in the vast areas of Business Management such as Sales and Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Cost Improvement, Personnel Issues, Team Development, and Leadership.

What We Do



Our Team

Our team represents the best in the industry with a wide range of skill sets incorporated into each custom solution we develop based on your needs. Led by a Ph.D., Certified Food Scientist, Process Authority, and MBAs, as well as accredited trainers and consultants, our teams are built for innovative problem solving and productivity. We listen to you, analyze your individual needs and then develop a plan that best satisfies your budget, timeframe and resources. Food Safety & Management Group, Inc. is flexible so that each and every customer’s solutions can be implemented in a timely manner.

The teams are managed by Cordell “Corky “ Price, an MBA and certified trainer who has more than 20 years of management experience in the areas of food processing, food safety, quality, administration, cultural change initiatives, training, productivity improvement, and personnel management.

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